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What to expect:

  • Warm sunny weather

  • A relativley low cost of living

  • A rich history and culture

  • Naturist beaches 

  • Naturist Friendly

  • Multiple bedroom villas

  • Gulet Cruises

  • Montenegro/Croatia/Albania



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The insiders guide to NATURIST MONTENEGRO

As part of the 2019 holiday program, Explore Montenegro is proud to introduce a range of villas and gulet cruises friendly to those lovers of the clothes free lifestyle!

Montenegro, the gem of the Adriatic and one of Europe's fastest growing holiday destinations, offers all the ingredients required for a relaxing or adventurous summer holiday: Warm, sunny weather, a relatively low cost of living and plenty of history and culture to be explored. Highlights range from the fascinating Kotor Old Town, tucked inside the sparkling Bay of Kotor, the many and relaxing beaches of the Budva Riviera or the untamed, wild beauty of the Lustica Peninsula

To help our launch into naturist friendly holidays, we'll be contracting a larger variety of villas, located in and around Montenegro's coastal and bay areas and Gulet Cruises exploring the best of Montenegro, Croatia and Albania. NBook Explore Montenegro you'll receive a good location, either walking distance to attractions or in a remote setting, combined with a private pool and accommodation/gulet cruise of a very good standard. 

Before you start your search, take some time to read over what makes Montenegro a great choice for your next European summer holiday:


1. Where to go...

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe with a population of only 660,000, Montenegro is rich in diversity. Montenegro's primary attraction is its 293km of coastline and bay areas alongside the warm Adriatic Sea. The coast is littered with beaches and picturesque waterfront villages including the UNESCO ancient walled towns of Kotor and Perast, nightlife hub of Budva, beach regions of Bar and Ulcinj and the most uninhabited part of the coast, the mysterious Lustica Peninsula. Each location offers something different, whether it be a historical tour through an Old City, seaside restaurant offering some of the best local cuisine and seafood or an array of swimming opportunities via public beaches.

Alongside boasting a magical coastline, Montenegro's interior is also full of beauty and adventure with multiple National Parks, lakes, and outdoor activities. Relax and take in the fresh mountain air or enjoy a relaxing hike through some of Europe’s most beautiful natural scenery. Montenegro has the right flavours to suit all tastes.


2. When to go...

Montenegro's holiday season officially begins on the 1st May where a bank holiday allows the locals to kickstart the summer in style. If possible, we think May to June and September to November are the most desirable months to explore this pint-sized country, before the weather and flow of tourists reach their peak. That being said, July and August are packed with things to do including festivals, local events and you can be sure if there is a bar, club or restaurant it will be open!


3. How long to go for...

We think the most ideal length of time to visit Montenegro is for one week and therefore offer a 7-night minimum on most accommodation and all Gulet Cruises. Montenegro is best explored via car with a maximum 3-4-hour drive at any point to a main point of interest and only a 2.5 flight time from UK Airports into the Montenegro coast.


4. People...

The Montenegrin people are known for their kindness, hospitality and warm welcoming to tourists. They are proud of their history and culture and are willing to share their personal stories. English is widely spoken across all regions especially amongst tourism and hospitality workers.


5. Getting around...

First and foremost, getting to Montenegro is becoming simpler by the years. The primary option for UK travellers is via London Gatwick into Tivat with Montenegro Airlines, our partner for many years, and various other UK airports into either Montenegro's capital Podgorica, or Dubrovnik Airport just over the border in Croatia.

After you've arrived, Montenegro is best discovered by car with a simple set of coastal road systems (Often single lane either direction) where it’s easy to travel and difficult to get lost, combined with relatively slow speed limits, makes for good driving conditions. If you prefer not to drive when abroad we can also offer return airport transfers to get you to and from your accommodation or Gulet Cruise. Finally, the best way to navigate Montenegro public transport wise is via bus. There is a main bus station in each major town and again combined with very low fares (5 euro from Kotor to Budva) is easy and flexible with multiple services operating daily during the season.


6. Beaches...

Montenegro's stunning coastline is blessed with over 73km of beaches. These range from smaller pebbly or pontoon sections commonly found inside the Bay of Kotor, to larger sandy beaches in the Lustica Peninsula and Southern Montenegro. The biggest beach in Montenegro; 'Velika Plaza' or 'Big Beach' is located just past the coastal town of Ulcinj and stretches for over 12km also containing 'Ada Bojana Island' often referred to as the heart of naturism in Montenegro. There are also many smaller beaches that are naturist friendly including 'Susanj' close to the town of Bar and 'Crvena Glavica' close to Sveti Stefan.


7. Weather...

Coastal Montenegro enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate – with warm dry weather from May to late October. Winters typically are mild with high rainfall which makes for a verdant landscape. The coastal area of the country enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine and an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.  



8. Accommodation...

We've searched far and wife to select only the best villas and apartments along Montenegro's coastal and inland areas. Each villa is furnished to a good standard and offers WIFI, a pool, often private, sea views and a good location whether it be central or rural.

 One of the best ways to explore the Adriatic is by sea and when it comes to gulet cruises we've searched near and far to bring you a spacious and comfortable gulet to help you relax and discover this gem in the Adriatic. Along with Montenegro our gulet cruises visit Croatia and Albania, are equipped with en-suite shower rooms, WIFI (for basic web searching) and offer daily half board consisting of breakfast and lunch. However, you'd prefer to holiday, we've got the answer!

9. Eating out...

With a simple, though tasty cuisine, Montenegro is known for its array of seafood, meat and salad specialities. Visit the many modern restaurants for a taste of the contemporary, or for a more traditional feel and feed try a local Montenegro 'Konoba' offering a more authentic experience. If you're in the need for some fast food, Montenegro is filled with barbeque pop ups offering burgers and meat to go and many 'Pekaras' or bakeries offering up a range of pastries and the famous 'Burek', meat or cheese pie!


10. Talk to the experts...

For over 7 years now, Explore Montenegro has specialised in hand picking the very best Villa, apartment and Gulet Cruises holidays the Adriatic can offer. Our team are based in Montenegro and have seen each individual property and gulet cruise in our portfolio and are on hand to answer any questions you have about our products or Montenegro in general!

For more information about this beautiful country and the holidays we offer please contact our friendly reservations team on 0207 118 1002 or email

Happy Exploring!